Valentino and Marc Jacobs Make Debut on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The idea behind Animal Crossings : Horizons is that your character is stuck on an island, going about daily activities like fishing, making friends or catching butterflies. It even has a clothing store with a variety of clothes – which just got a lot more luxurious with Marc and Valentino’s cool update.

Photographer and Animal Crossing Fashion Archive page founder Kara Chung revealed they’d recently been working with “open-minded artists to translate their real work in-game and create virtual lookbooks, showrooms and galleries”, and it now transpires some of those artists were very high profile indeed. The Animal Crossing Fashion Archive collaboration with Valentino has resulted in the recreation of 20 spring-summer and pre-fall looks from the fashion house’s real-life outfit line, while Marc Jacobs has released six of its pieces to wear in-game.


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