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Coast to coast, Brittney Mack has captivated audiences one house after another, through riveting theatrical performances. The journey from starlet to bonafide actress was in the cards for the City of Chicago native- who credits the Windy City’s arts culture as inspiration.

Ted Baker 

As a youth, Mack grew up in a family involved with the arts, so she was inspired and encouraged to choose arts early; starting with drawing, sketching and crafts. She also took singing and dance classes, plus theater in The Drama Group, a local community theater in the suburbs of Chicago. Her mother would further support Mack by enrolling her in performing arts high school, The Chicago Academy of Arts. It was here where she was disciplined in dance, voice, acting, and auditioning among other focuses. It is also the place that Macks credits the school as providing “The most intense training of my life”. Mack also expressed her challenges during this period, where all she really wanted to do was sing and dance. ”Adults do not give children credit for how difficult this stage can be” says Mack, adding “Add to the fact that you’re going through a difficult, transitioning phase while being in an art school that has academic expectations- and you find yourself trying to balance many things, it can be overwhelming.”

Still, Mack traversed a focused path- leaning on the support of her teachers and mentors like Randy Duncan, and Patricia Rusk for advice during audition periods. Her advisors would eventually encourage Mack to attend a private university conservatory, The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA)- where she studied for two years in Los Angeles, then transferred and finished at Manhattan University in New York City. She thrived here, landed paid gigs long before she even graduated- a rarity for others at the same level. “It was all a blink, and the rest was history”, as she smiles.

Having traveled the country performing at many acclaimed theaters, and being part of experiences around the globe with Royal Caribbean Cruises, where she interacted with a mashup of cultures, Mack reflects on her career achievements- expressing that beyond the financial stability, “it’s feeling happy with the type of art that I work and which I transmit.” These experiences have also given Mack the opportunity to become the advisor- mentoring those who want to get into the arts. It’s the opportunity to share her expertise in the same manner of which she received during her high school and university days. Mack not only performs her own concerts, but also provides arts counseling online.

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Brittney Shines on Broadway

Journeying through Mack’s more than a decade long career has been fascinating. Memories of her beginnings, the people who supported and assisted in her evolution- her story is a true full circle. Constantly in motion, and it continues.

Mack made her Broadway debut October 2021 in the musical SIX The Musical, playing one of the central characters- Anna Cleves, Queen of England in the 1500’s. Mack details how she landed the role- originally auditioning in Chicago for the Wizard of Oz, the casting director asked Mack to sing another song- and she was offered the role in Six. The role earned Mack a nomination at the Drama League Awards 2020 for Best Distinguished Performance.

Permanent Summer

Six The Musical is rich with history. The story focuses on the six wives of Henry VIII of England, who claim their identities through stimulating music ensembles. The cast is all- female, and primarily women of color. “These types of projects mark a before and after in the industry, ” says Mack. “It gives hope for future scenarios without color barriers.”

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For Brittney Mack, now thirty two, this is just the beginning. Her future plans include TV, commercials, and movies. She hopes her work will inspire people, especially children, to be fearless in their own journey- as hard work does pay off.


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