Cam Newton Collaborates With Vinta Backpacks

Cam Newton has another property to diversify his off the field portfolio.The Carolina Panthers quarterback has become an equity partner and creative partner of Vinta Supply Co., a premium travel accessories brand.

The two worked together to reimagine a limited-edition backpack, the Type-II C1N. The bag, which retails for $254, has a modular design and is available in two colors: sand and berry.

Newton said the bag “is designed for a person like me, with a constant schedule, who doesn’t stop and wants a fashionable, high-quality bag that’s functional for everyday life. It’s customizable, stylish, and every feature has been so well thought out and designed. That’s what Vinta embodies: travel made easy. I know they’ve done it for me, and I know they’re going to do it for everyone who buys one.”

Douglas Larsen, co-founder and lead designer of Vinta, said the relationship with Newton happened organically.

“Cam bought one of our bags, saw all the compartments and said he wanted to be involved with us.” So the athlete reached out and eventually was brought on board as an investor and creative partner, Larsen said.

As a result, Vinta anticipates this will be the start of a long-lasting collaboration. “It’s not a one-time thing,” Larsen said.

In creating the backpack, Larsen said Newton had “many meetings” with the Vinta team and was “very involved.”

“We met him in Atlanta during the off-season and he wanted the bag to be more functional so some details were added,” Larsen said, adding that the team was careful to retain its fashionable tone as well.

Newton, who is also sponsored by Under Armour, will begin promoting the piece today when it is introduced, Larsen said, and the company is already working with him on other bags that will be introduced down the line.

Vinta was created by Larsen and Victor Soto around three-and-a-half years ago and its aesthetic is based on a “heritage meets modern” sensibility, inspired by British hardbacks from the 1800s. It’s offerings are made from heavy waterproof coated twill with leather details. The backpack retails for $198.


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