Chania Ray Talks Health and Fitness

By Taylor Webster

Chania Ray (@chaniaray) is a small business owner, work-out guru, personal trainer and influencer. Growing up in the greater Washington, D.C. area Chania, like many children her age, played basketball. Chania’s love for basketball pushed her to commit to fitness at the young age of 11. This commitment landed her division 1 offers from universities all over the country. Chania spent her freshman year at Florida State University but finished her career at West Virginia University. During her senior season she led her team in assists and graduated with BIG-12 academic honors.

After college Chania continued to work out, but it was not until she helped her mom lose 100 pounds that she found that helping people with their health and fitness was her passion. When asked about her mother’s weight loss Chania said, “knowing that my mom losing that weight added a few years to her life means everything.” From that point Chania was determined to help other people change their lifestyles.

Chania began training people in person and through Instagram by posting work-out videos and tips. When asked how many times a week she works out she said, “I hard-core workout three times a week, but I go to the gym everyday, it’s my peace of mind.” The other four days consist of light cardio workouts. Her go-to cardio is interval trailing for 30 minutes on the stair master. She walks at level 5 for five minutes and then ramps it up to “feel the burn” at level 12 for two minutes. Chania added that on a lighter day she will just walk on the stair-master on level 5 for 30 minutes.

Chania recommends a person who is trying to maintain their weight or lose weight to workout a minimum of three times per week. However, a person trying to lose weight should do more cardio than lifting during these workouts. For example, if you are in the gym for an hour, you should do 35 minutes of cardio and a 25 minute lift. If you are trying to maintain your weight you should do a 40-45 minute lift and spend 15-20 minutes doing cardio.

When asked how she motivates herself Chania said, “I make fitness a part of my life and my lifestyle.” Chania also said that adding working out to her daily routine has made her days more productive.

As far as cheat meals go, Chania cheats! She giggled as she talked about her friday date nights where she eats whatever she wants. During the week she is disciplined. Her go-to breakfast is eggs over-easy, two hand-fulls of spinach and one piece of turkey sausage. For dinner, she loves to make lemon pepper chicken. She pairs the chicken with either asparagus, brussel sprouts or broccoli and mashed sweet potatoes.

In order to maintain her figure Chania stays away from carbs like bread, pizza and pastas. She also hardly even drinks juice and said if she needs flavor she adds lemon or berries into her water. She also does not eat candy.

When asked how she stays away from candy and other sweets she explained that this was one of the hardest things for her to do. “I’ve always had a sweet tooth” Chania said, “so instead of eating cookies and cakes I’d eat a rice cake with almond butter or nutella and banana.” She then laughed and said she overate the rice cakes and now she doesn’t crave sweets anymore.

Even though Chania is #BodyGoals, she still wants her lower abdomen to be more defined. By 2020 Chania hopes to be teaching fitness classes weekly and even traveling to different states to train.

To see more of Chania Ray follow her on Instagram @chaniaray and make sure you check out her website for guides and tips at

“Don’t be afraid to step out of comfort zone and try new things” Chania says, “Being fit and incorporating fitness into your lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight, you have to be consistent.”


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