Gerald Isaac Waters “Nothing is Impossible”

By Melissa Rojas Álvarez
San José, Costa Rica
Photos by Kelly Balch


Gerald Isaac Waters a guy from Tennessee, who dreamed of venturing into acting, and in show business, today is about to fulfill one of his wishes, causing a sensation, with his first job for the great NETFLIX network, in the movie “All together now”, directed by Matthew Quicks and based on the book Sorta Like a Rock Star.

Gerald or “G”, as he is called by his friends, describes himself as a human being who seeks to transmit happiness to everyone around him, calling himself “the happy friend”, also describing himself for his friends as an unconditional company, humble, and highly independent. This third quality, also it is very flattering, but has brought him complications to his life, specifically since five years ago, where Gerald went through difficult moments that led him to say goodbye at the beginning of his plans, his independent life and the path that he successfully began to travel with his career. Changes such as moving again with his parents, learning to ask for and receive help, were necessary but difficult changes that he had to go through, now he goes back in time and recognizes, this freed him even more, reinforcing his security and confidence in his life personal and professional.

His career definitely has a before and after in his life, Gerald assures that his security, patience and persistence before his professional purposes were reinforced by living this unfortunate experience, especially in the process that he went through for several years when working hard to overcome it, making him an even more confident, determined and successful actor, It could
be said that these were keys attitudes to reinforce his performance on stage, defining his style and differentiating himself from others in his field.

Gerald debuts in Netflix with “All together Now”

Standing out in August 2020 with this great opportunity on Netflix, Gerald says that upon learning about the character of Chad in the movie “All together Now” and having ad the opportunity to read the script, he became obsessed with being able to play this incredible role, impressed by the way they approach a character with some kind of problem with their condition, without giving importance to their “limitations”, if not taking for a fact that there are things more important than a disability, passing this completely to background, something of that fits perfectly with his ideology of life:” Everyone experiences some kind of difficulty, for which there are two options: feeling sad and doing nothing about it, or fighting to get ahead”, basically this
though has been the key to his success.

Gerald shared in this incredible project with a great cast, in charge of giving life to the characters that mark this story of adolescent drama, where the main character starring: Auli¨i Cravalho (Amber Appleton), fights against a complicated life situation, but supported hand in hand with her friends, she will seek to fulfill her dreams, accompanied by Renzi Feliz (Ty), Justina Machado (Becky), Judy Reyes (Dona), Fred Armisen (Mr. Franks), Carol Burnett (Joan), C.S. Lee (Father Chee), a film directed by the great director Bret Haley, along with writer Marc Bash. A production team which Gerald claims was incredible, treasuring it as great first experience with Netflix.

August 2020 his debut in Netflix will mark only the beginning of the second part of his successful career. Questioning his near future, in a period of approximately five years, Gerald has in his plans to have been able to position himself in major Broadway productions, since the theater also forms a large part of the beginning of his career and of his life, waiting in addition to having
more opportunities to work in film and television, and of course he hopes to have the time and opportunity to travel the world, one of his great dreams, summing it up in that he just wanted to be able to travel, especially in wintertime, his favorite.

To conclude Gerald shares some advice for people who may be going through situations similar to those that he has live through and who aspire to dedicate themselves to acting, without knowing how to start the path to materialize their dreams, after meditating a little, he chooses a phrase that he confesses may seem simple or even trite, but that from personal experience has
been the most efficient: “Having the courage to go for the things you want to achieve”, without letting any obstacle be important to fight for what is desired, he knows that these are words that are easy to say but difficult to execute, but with work and dedication fighting for the goal you have, you can achieve it, you just have to try.


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