Jussie will make his directorial debut for B-Boy Bluesan adaptation of James Earl Hardy’s best-selling 1994 book.  B-Boy Blues follows the tumultuous relationship between Mitchell Crawford, a 27-year old journalist, and Raheim Rivers, a 21-year old bicycle messenger and B-boy (banjee boy). They meet in a gay bar in Greenwich Village in the summer of 1993. The B-boy hangs out on street corners, cool and menacing. Raheim is the third B-boy in Mitchell’s life, but underneath the former’s tough exterior, Raheim is smart and talented and a loving parent to his five-year-old son. But Raheim has a violent streak. B-Boy Blues spawned a series that has sold millions worldwide and remains a staple within the black LGBTQ+/Same Gender Loving community.

According to to various reports the movie has gone into production in New York City. Smollett’s SuperMassive Movies, an ancillary label of his Story Worthy Pictures banner, will produce. Per the company, SuperMassive has raised ‘mid-seven figures’ in a partnership with Cleveland-based investor Tom Wilson to finance small-budget films from minority filmmakers.”


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