Kuba Disco Headphones


Live a music experience that only our rich and powerful sound signature can provide, protected from outside noise by carefully designed shells. All this with the certainty of the very high durability that your replaceable parts system allows. The Kuba Disco is the last headphone you’ll ever need.

A titanium coated neodymium magnet speaker used in sophisticated European headphones is the heart of the Kuba Disco. Coupled with careful bass-controlled acoustic design, it delivers exceptional sound quality that you won’t find in any other headset in its price range – bringing an immersive, musical sound experience a beauty that is not superficial.

No more buying a new headphones every 6 months: all the major Disco components are replaceable, including cable and pads, and can be easily purchased from their website – so the Disco is always with you.

Like the best instruments, the Kuba Disco is handmade in Brazil. Kuba believe’s that when products are made by hand, they end up carrying the passion of their creator.

Microphone and cable remote control let you pause, play, swap, change volume, and answer calls without taking your smartphone out of your pocket. Compatible with Android and iOS.

The Disc has a unique control that lets you change the bass amount of your music in real time. Rediscover your collection. Listen as you want to hear.

Everything at Kuba Disco has been designed to enhance your day. That’s why they have developed Holy_micro with Holyfancy so that transporting it is also an experience. And one very aware: this multi-use bag is made from PET bottles, cotton scraps and tire chambers. So at an additional cost, you will be not only getting a convenient and stylish way to carry your headset, but also actively removing waste from the planet.


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