Unleash the Potential of Your Space.

The Rollable OLED: A Revolutionary TV
Experience the TV reimagined through a rollable OLED display.

LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R – Roll Out The Future
Maximize your living space with infinite possibilities. LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R elevates your space into a luxury home cinema.

The Hidden
Zero view. The display disappears without a trace, only leaving behind a true piece of art. LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R elevates your interior to be maximized without a screen.

Sit back and enjoy the rich and optimized sounds from a remarkably transformed speaker, integrated with deep learning AI algorithm and Dolby Vision.

The Vision
Full View. Display that rolls out and rises on your demand. A whole new cinematic world right before your eyes. Infused colors in Perfect Black and breathtaking Dolby Vision now meets the 9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor and deep learning AI algorithm to deliver another level of realistic imagery like never before.

Just speak, that’s all. Thanks to LG ThinQ, you can even control the display to roll up or down with just your voice. LG AI TV is the most intelligent television and has the Google Assistant and Alexa built-in.

The Horizon
Line View. The right screen at the right time. A specialized feature, only available from LG SIGNATURE OLED TV

With six different modes – Music, Clock, Frame, Mood, Lighting, Home dashboard – take a quick glance for time and weather while displaying your most memorable photos on the screen. Stream your favorite playlist and adjust your mood light to redesign your space, just the way you like it.


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