Vinica Altra Terre Trebbiano Terre Degli Osci

By Keir Carter
Photos By Nathan Heyward

I’m pretty excited today because I got to try a very interesting and dare I say it weird wine, and share it with you! Our wine of the month is the Vinica Altra Terre Trebbiano Terre Degli Osci 2015. The first unusual thing about this wine? It’s an orange wine.

What’s an orange wine, you ask? Well, almost all grape juice is clear, no matter what color the grape. Red wine is made by soaking the skins and most of black grapes in the clear juice. White wine is made from grapes that when ripe, also take on color, any where from pink to rust to red. When you macerate those skins in clear juice, you get orange wine!

The next unusual thing about this wine is that it’s actually pressed by foot. That’s right. Old school Lucy Mcgilicutty style wine making. The vineyard named Vigne Alta, meaning High Vines, is located 2460 feet above sea level, and all the grow is Trebbiano and Garganega grapes. This wine is 85% Trebbiano and 15% Garganega.

The nose? Dried apricots and peaches in green tea with bitter orange undercurrents. The palate is lean with the above flavors with a sea briny tartness in the finish. High altitude vines keep the alcohol at a light 10.5% with not a touch of sweetness.

This is deliciously grown up juice under $18.00.

About Keir Carter: Keir boasts the #1 wine tour company in the NYC metro area, Pair Wine Tours.


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