Sara Hood

Written by Taylor Webster

Sara Hood is a lifestyle blogger, certified personal trainer, celebrity chef, the mom of two boys and the wife of NFL player, Ziggy Hood. Fitness became a huge priority in Sara’s life at 23-years-old, when she suffered a heart attack shortly after her first pregnancy. “I want to live for my kids and family” Sara said while talking about her heart attack, “but I also do it for me, I love the results and the process of sculpting my body and mindset to be my best.” Today, Sara finds time to prep her meals and work-out almost every day. When we asked how she manages this she said, “I lay my gym clothes out the night before—and since my clothes are already prepared for me I’m more likely to go.” She also said that she hits the gym right after she drops her kids off at school, because if she doesn’t the day gets away from her. However, Sara did note that when her kids were younger it wasn’t as easy to go to the gym, so she’d wake up before them and exercised to a workout video.

Sara pushes herself and says finding time to workout is all about prioritizing the day. Instead of scrolling through Instagram for an hour or watching something on Netflix, use that time to work out.

The Hood boy’s dietary needs are very different from Sara’s. When asked how she maintains her diet Sara said, “preparation is everything. If I spend a day and prep for me, then I have food to eat that helps me maintain my diet—then I’m less likely to eat what my husband needs for his NFL career.” For example, if Mrs. Hood makes steak and a loaded baked potato for dinner, she will eat the steak and substitute the potato for broccoli. The one thing that Sara struggles to cut out is carbs. If you didn’t already know, Sara is bread and cinnamon roll specialist—she can make it in her sleep.

Going to gym is a family outing for the Hoods.  Sara noted that her gym has childcare services and fun classes for the kids, #LifeSaver. The gym has also become a place for Sara and her husband to spend time together, “when I see him benching 400 pounds” Sara said, “it motivates me to go harder and vice versa.”

When asked what has been the hardest part of her fitness journey Sara said, “consistency—especially when you’re a mom with family responsibilities.” Sara added that having patience has also been difficult, “because you want to see the results right now—but it doesn’t always work that way. You’ve got to let time work on your side.”

“Many don’t work out when they’re not motivated” Sara said, “but you have to hijack those natural feelings of not wanting to go– because once you’re in the gym you’re all good. I’ve never heard anyone regret a workout.”

At the end of 2020 Sara Hood joked and said she sees herself on top of the world. By this she means to be even more proud of the woman she see’s in the mirror—physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally healthy at an optimal state.

To see more of Sara follow her on Instagram @saralovestyle / or her blog




Cheese Crisp

Grated cheddar cheese 

Put mounds of cheese on a sheet tray 

Bake 5 min 


Taco Seasoning 

Chili powder



Garlic powder

Onion powder



1lb ground meat 

1/2 onion

2 garlic cloves 

Break up and brown meat 

Left over Carnitas or leftover chicken works well







Sour cream 



Other option for “chips”

Pork rinds 



1.     Preheat oven to 400

2.     Pray casserole dish 

3.     Lay pork rinds on the bottom 

4.     Add meat 

5.     Top with cheddar cheese

6.     Bake 5-7 min until cheese is melted 

7.     Add toppings 

8.     Serve immediately


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