Unlike traditional weight rooms at your local muscle factory, Tonal doesn’t need physical weights. All it needs is electricity. The machine uses an electromagnetic resistance engine to generate the opposing force needed for the cables to give your biceps a rough time.

Aly Orady, the CEO and brains behind Tonal, used his engineering background to come up with the concept of a digital weight-based system after losing 70 pounds and quitting his tech job.

“I needed to figure out a way to keep the weight off and make working out part of my job”, says Orady, who built the first prototype in his apartment roughly three years ago. He says Tonal is the first machine of its type to use this type digital weights rather than old fashioned metal plates and gravity.

Tonal’s built-in trainer works better than your fitness app The hardware was just one part of the equation. Aly knew Tonal also needed the level of guidance you get from a personal trainer at the gym.The coach demos the move you’re about to do, and then you join in. But Tonal takes it to the next level, because the machine knows when you’re engaging the cables, it can count reps for you, and the coach actually waits for you to finish your reps before moving on to the next exercise. The machine may not be able to correct your form, like a real-life trainer would, but it feels a lot more interactive than just following along with a demo video on my phone.The training system comes with eight different coaches — who are elite personal trainers in real life — to guide you through workouts to bulk up, trim down or get stronger or all of the above after the exercise it will give you a fitness assessment. Tonal will have you do a few different exercises to determine how much I should be lifting to achieve different personal goals.

Tonal also gives you the option to mix it up by adding different attachments to the arms like a bar or rope to target different muscles and because the machine has real-time feedback about how much you’re lifting, the speed and even the quality of each rep, it can react by either increasing or lowering the cables’ resistance.Tonal is also designed to keep track of your progress over time and modify the exercises and resistance as you get stronger rather than just repeating the same old gym routine. That should give you a more efficient workout with faster results.Speaking of results this will cost $2,995 a $250 installation fee, the optional $500 dollar accessory kit plus a $49 monthly fee for the personal training service, so all in you are in for a $3,740 investment.This gives you an unlimited number of accounts which each person using Tonal will get a customized routine.Tonal may end up getting more features down the line. Orady said that future software updates bring more specialized training programs and could potentially unlock the other sensors, mics and cameras currently in the machine.


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