Zaria Is a Pretty Little Liar

Photographer DaMarko GianCarloCover Photo Kyle WoodsWardrobe Pierre Giovanni for Fairfax CopenhagenHair Sophia Porter for Exclusive Artists Using Hidden Crown HairMakeup Kevin Wade You have been a a fan of books but were you ever the original Pretty Little Liars television show ? If so who did you most relate to? The entire Pretty Little Liars franchise has been such a [...]

Alejandro Nones Knows Who Killed Sarah

Photography DaMarko GianCarlo Grooming Mirlen Quesada Wardrobe Fairfax Copenhagen You are very popular in this Spanish-speaking market, as an actor/producer how do you feel it’s been neglected by the rest of the entertainment industry?I don’t know, to be honest. I’m not one to say that. But I’m sure that the Spanish-speaking market is in a great place now. There are […]

Imani Pullum Hollywood’s Next Supernova

Photographer Kyle WoodsBlack & White Photo Damarko GiancarloWardrobe Pierre Giovanni Hair Sophia Porter for Exclusive Artists using Hidden Crown HairMakeup Charisma Renee Harville  Where were you born? I was born in Los Angeles, California. When did the acting bug bite you? I started doing commercials when I was really young, but I really got passionate about acting when I was twelve or […]

Evan Assante Cha Cha Is Real Smooth

Photographer DaMarko Giancarlo Wardrobe Fairfax Copenhagen Grooming Mirlen QuesadaInterview Kyra Greene  What inspired you to start acting? Strangely enough, I am naturally shy. I found out very early that acting and being in character helps me break out of my shell and do things that I maybe wouldn’t have done otherwise. You play a multitude of instruments, which one is your favorite […]

Vanessa Talks Kung Fu and Her Love of Music

Photographer DaMarko GianCarloMakeup and Hair Mirlen QuesadaWardrobe Fairfax Copenhagen Where were you born?I was born in Montreal, Canada. I grew up there as well and all of my childhood memories come from this lovely city. You speak 3 languages which Language do you dream?I dream in English. I learned English first and only had the opportunity to speak Chinese with […]

Wyatt Walter Talks About New Show Killing It, Animals and Love for Country Music

Photography DaMarko Giancarlo Wardrobe Fairfax Copenhagen Grooming Mirlen Quesada Hair Sophia PorterInterview Kyra Greene  You have a love for country western music, where does that stem from? I have an appreciation for all types of music but when it comes to country music, I do gravitate towards the outlaw western music. My grandfather introduced me to the tunes of Johnny Cash and I began singing […]


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